NBA: LA Lakers Is Pursuing Kevin Love And Kevin Durant Instead


Some say that Los Angeles Lakers’ season is already over unless there’s a miracle of biblical proportion or if Kobe Bryant became a superhero and help the Lakers struggle this season but if you’re going to see where their path is going, it seems that their playoff dream is just a mere hallucination. All the player injuries, trade and poor coach’s decisions added to Lakers suffering this season. They even tried moving Pau Gasol before the deadline but to no avail.

With all these negative happenings with the Lakers, the management seemed relax and waiting. Waiting for the right opportunity to clear their salary cap and get potential free agents. Their initial target was Carmelo Anthony as his contract is about to expire but the Lakers decided not to pursue Melo anymore. There are also rumor that Lebron James is under their radar in case he decided to opt out his contract with Miami Heat next year but it will be next to impossible if Lebron ever leave Miami for Lakers so now, they are willing to wait for the two Kevins on 2015. That is Kevin Love of Minnesota Timberwolves and Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to site LakersNation, the Lakers are no longer interested with Carmelo Anthony and they are willing to wait for Love and Durant as Pau Gasol’s contract is about to expire as well and they have no plans on re-signing him hence the big salary cap to pay Love and Durant.

It is also rumored before the trade deadline that Kevin Love would love to play for the Lakers so Lakers pursue him for a possible trade for Pau Gasol however, Love opted to stay with the Timberwolves saying that his current team right now is much better compared with Lakers but what surprises me is Kevin Durant. KD is having an MVP type of season and I don’t think that he will become a Laker on 2015 or in some other year. He re-signed with the Thunder few years ago even though Oklahoma is a small market and can’t offer him big chunks of money and exposure but playing for the city is what important for Durant that is why he is stayed with the Thunder.

Let see if Mitch Kupchak can still work his magic and these next 2 years will be an interesting year not only for the Lakers, but also for the entire NBA.


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